2 – Blind Cash

The instrumental very nearly became a ‘Hot Gunz’ track; and a version exists somewhere (entitled ‘Blind Boys, a lyrics from ‘Cry Little Sister’ from the Lost Boys OST) with some badass guitar fuckery provided by Le Batteur himself, Jon Thomson. But alas, an early 90’s acapella (annoyingly also used shortly afterwards by Dizzee Rascal) turned it into what you hear today.

BGM trying but failing to sodomise Le Batteur. Settles instead for scratching his back on the door

The off-beat synth still sounds weak where it’s not double-tracked and the layers come in too regimented but it’s probably better as it is rather than what it may have become if we’d put some Eva’s Round style vocals over the top of it.

Also, I have no idea what happens at the end, I think it was initially meant to be a DJ-friendly ending but it just sounds like i got bored, which I probably did, which is why it goes shit, but what you gonna do.


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