9 – Stomp

Although there was barely a year between the demise of Midlands Dance Dance Club and the rise of Battle Chess, there were very few crossovers musically. This track however seems to hark back to the Beyonda 6ix era in its structure and vibe.

The chorus / hook doesn’t really fit with the main part of the song but at least provides some reprieve from the main loop, there is also definitely an incorrect bass note in there too although I’d be damned if I could get down correctly.

The 70’s funk version of Bad Ice and Bazooka Suit

The ending fits (humbly IMO) nicely with the crash intro of what’s to follow; a nice abrupt change from the reminiscing funky house of ‘Cauldron Music’ or ‘The Surface’ era, to the cold angsty Stadium MIDI of K-Bon Theme that represented the future (well, 2011 as it was then).