14 – Zone Change (Remix)

This was merely a bonus track and was one of the last tracks to be made before the album was compiled. This came about after a comment from TZ during one hungover morning in 2011, moments (months) later and the song was a reality.

It was tempting to try and get each time check in perfect timing with the song but it would have ruined the pacing given the lack of depth of the song, but still only the first time check is incorrect and the other two are pretty much on the money.

RO’B showing off his crystal and funky collar

Some samples were more successful in their placement than others and were taken from about 5 or 6 episodes in total. The “so what is it” line was of course an homage to Red Dwarf, the “down here, mind your heads on these monitors” just so happened to be at the spoken over the exact same part of the original song on the episode so had to be kept in for novelty value.

The harmonica solo is truly the highlight of the song though. Unfortunately, I can’t remember if Ken’s team won the fabulous prize or the not-so-fabulous prize.